Photo taken from Canadian Lawyer Magazine
Tonight we were pleased to welcome Mr. Jason Leung, JD, PMP, to speak about intellectual property rights. Mr. Leung is the Principal of LeungLaw PC in downtown Toronto, and specializes in business and intellectual property law. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Toronto, a Project Management Professional designation, and is a registered agent for trademarks and patents. 
The lecture covered three distinct areas of IP Law: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Businesses must be well-aware of any potential infringements on rights, to carefully manage their own risk, and to keep detailed records of their business development in case of litigation. 
Several case studies were discussed where the finer details of the law made dramatic differences in the outcome for businesses. It was clear that it is always best to consult expert legal advice in advance to avoid costly litigation down the road. 
IP law can be a complex and highly technical field, with different jurisdictions holding their own standards and interpretations.
For more information about Mr. Leung and his practice, you can visit his company website here:
You can also follow him on Twitter at @jasonleung3
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